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Ruth / James

Every now and then life presents us with refreshing moments and beautiful pure souls that give the word “hope” true meaning. Our ceremony scene is set in beautiful Tuscany at the Abbey of San Galgano. It is only fitting that it is considered to be one of the most important religious monuments in Tuscany. As a wedding videographer in Tuscany my canvas perfect. The sky is blue and the sun is shining down into the Abbey as if gently caressing with its warmth the groom and the guests that are anticipating the entrance of the bride. Everything adds up to one of the most epic entrances a bride could wish for, not to mention for a wedding videographer.

A bride and groom looking forward to seeing each other with overwhelming excitement in their eyes, the way all couples wish to be seen. Laughter surrounded everyone and it was a beautiful sound to hear. Words representing promises were exchanged and tears falling showed how much love truly exist between James and Ruth.

James’ vows were those of a man promising his bride “to be a true and loyal friend” and to love her. The bride gave the promise of walking with him “hand in hand” where ever the journey may take them. Their promises were filled with truth and supporting each other’s dreams.

The groom continued with one of the most heartfelt vows, making it his life mission to keep her happy for the rest of his life. Taking it upon himself to always keep the “flame she’s got burning within her” as strong as it is now.

Our groom James met his bride Ruth 7 years ago. His emotional story left everyone in tears. They were at school, Ruth had walked into the course they were both taking when he first laid eyes on his future bride. He instantly knew there was something different about her. The way he has felt the first time he had seen her is a feeling that he has always had, especially today when she was all dressed in white.

The reception was held at Borgo Il Poggiaccio and it was decorated to perfection. The sun was still present as if it was invited to the wedding and waiting for the celebration to begin. As a wedding videographer in Tuscany, I can say that this wedding was an emotional one, especially for the parents. The words the parents of the bride and groom shared were filled with the power of proud and happy parents that were witnessing one of the most beautiful moments in their children’s lives.

The wedding celebration went on even if the sun parted with them and the night time came, taking his seat as a guest. Being a wedding videographer in Tuscany you learn to appreciate moments that are filled with dancing and laughter. Happiness was all around as everyone enjoyed the union that they were celebrating. Gestures of love and care were shared throughout the wedding between our beautiful couple. May they always share the love we saw here today. To James and Ruth.

Planning: Il Cerimoniere –  Italian Weddings

Location: San Galgano Abbey

Reception: Borgo il Poggiaccio

Photography: Rosie & Roland

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