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Lucy / Matteo

I love Tuscany Italy because it is a magic place where thearts come toghether and relationships are born; where time is passed qualitatively and  memories remain forever.

Lucy and Matteo came in the Italian Church “Chiesa di Sant’ Adrea Pigli”, sited in Arezzo to say the fateful “Yes! I do!” to God and to the whole world, and I was there to watch and record everything. Yeah, because they have chosen  the guarantee that can  stop the moment and capture them: Emanuele MuraWedding Films.

Villa Burali, an astonishing location which was built during the Renaissance period, welcomed the bride and groom, giving them a breathtaking show for their Wedding Day. Sited in Arezzo, this is one  of the most wanted location  for getting married in Tuscany Italy.

Even if Lucy and Matteo were very excited, everything run to the schedule. Everyone felt their nest of love, their smiles shined far away to the stars and back. I carefully listened to their ideas and whishes which i developed during my photo and video shootings, making them always  be  themselves  and feel comfortable. So, I always worked invisibly around them, in this way the bride and groom could relax and enjoy their Wedding Party and their guests too.

Emanuele Mura Wedding Films was there:  patiently, friendly, discreetly,  to tear away through the cameras every detail, without putting on too much. During my photography and videography days, I did my best to keep into my artistic work  whole the wedding and more: in this way, dear bride and groom, you will have the taste of your Wedding in your head and in your hands too. Thank you, Lucy and Matteo: it was nice to meet you and to work together.

Capturing The Best Moments For The Tuscany Wedding

Wedding videography is unlike other shoots. You don’t have the pleasure of getting everything set before you start your shoot. You don’t get to decide the location, nor do you get the freedom to shoot from wherever you want. It is all about making the best out of the situation. If you can capture the special moments and some candid expressions, then you have succeeded.

But, you cannot leave everything to chance. You need to go prepared for taking some great footage. There are some important things you should remember when you are doing wedding videography.


This is not something that is always under your control. But in the event of an indoor function where you can control the lighting, you can get some awesome footage using smart lighting. You should assemble a lighting kit that could help you in all situations.

The first option is to get a panel of LED lights that can be mounted on the camera hot shoe. This will help you in any kind of situation. This is ideal for the outdoor when you just need some extra light to focus on the key object. Wedding videography is incomplete without some nice outdoor footage.

You can use the umbrella kit wherever possible to get the necessary effect. Use reflectors and bouncers when you are shooting the bride and groom. This will help to soften the source light. This will ensure that only the softest light falls on the couple highlighting their facial features nicely.


There are many other things to consider when shooting the wedding videography. Among them, the sound is an important aspect. You should plant to use an external audio recording device to capture the various sounds. You can opt for a shotgun on-camera microphone which will get the sound where the camera is pointed and avoid unwanted noise. A good headphone with sound cancellation will help you hear what is being recorded.