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Debbie  / Daniel

In the Tuscany region of Val D’orcia, with it’s gentle, cultivated hills, Debbie and Daniel had a beautiful destination wedding in our fair Italy. As wedding videographer I can say with an easy heart that the day was beautiful intimate destination wedding in Italy.

The location our couple chose was the beautiful Pieve a Salti, Buonconvento (SI). A location that dates back to the 19th century. With the help of “Marry Me In Tuscany” by Hewelin Vanni the intimate affair was a beautiful success. Everything adding up to perfect harmony in an elegant fashion.

Our bride, Debbie, was as elegant as any girl would grow up dreaming of the day she would marry the love of her life. Her makeup was as natural as the location they choose for their destination wedding in Tuscany. Hey eyes were contoured to perfection and her lipstick was a burgundy red that completed the makeup to a perfect point. Her hair was long and it hung lose in a beautiful way that would please any wedding videographer in Tuscany, making the bride a perfect canvas.

The bridal accessories that Debbie chose were simply stunning pieces that only someone with great elegance and class would choose. The set was composed of 3 pieces that were all designed in the same structure and complimented every part they were meant to be worn around. The earnings hung low and made their presence known when our bride would move. A perfect little game of “hide and go seek” between jewelry and a destination wedding videographer. The bracelet was pure perfection and the necklace hung low and made everything about the bridal attire add in perfect synchronization.

The groom, Daniel, has a distinct character and choose a suit that would bring you back to a time when gentlemen roamed the streets of our fain Italy. Daniel choose a beige suit in a shade that was as perfect as it was discrete with finishing sewing touches that would make anyone look twice at it’s perfect tailoring. The shirt was crisp white and the tie our groom choose was burgundy and matches the brides lip color.

The bridal dress had embroideries and a lace design in a perfect A shape line. The cleavage was a heart-shaped, strapless design that was simply divine. The dressed seemed to shimmer when Debbie would move as if helped by magic. The bridal bouquet was made out of light colored roses courtesy of  Dillo con Un Fiore di Bracalente Stefania. 

Our scene is set in front of an old beautiful Oak tree, that seemed as if it wanted to congratulate the couple for their destination wedding in Italy. The tree seemed to complete the scene where the newlywed couple share tender moments of love. The perfect moment for a destination videographer in Tuscany.

Planning: Marry Me In Tuscany by Hewelin Vanni

Location:Pieve a Salti, Buonconvento (SI)

PhotographySebastian David Bonacchi

Celebrant: Italian Celebrant

Flowers: Dillo con Un Fiore di Bracalente Stefania