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Alessio / Noemi

Love is  the sunset, love is  the moments of chills, love is  in the rain drops. Love is the smile, love is in the air, love is Alessio and Noemi;  and I felt honored to participate to their Tuscany Wedding shooting videography and photography.

Alessio and Noemi, a beautiful Italian couple, decided to get married in Tuscany, Italy, which is the heart of the country. Being a corner of paradise where you can truly have everything you want, Tuscany Italy gives to the eyes and soul a stunning spectacle.

They have organized a marvelous general event and  have  called Emanuele Mura Wedding Films to take care about their Wedding Memories. The civil  and religious celebration of their sacred commitment was at Duomo di Arezzo: a magnificent cathedral in the heart of the city. After the beautiful and exciting ceremony, everyone went to the location chosen for the celebration: Villa di Mugliano, a magical and exclusive atmosphere for a wonderful Wedding. A very special moment which everyone liked a lot was an important show  with the flag wavers from Arezzo, as the groom is a musician who plays the trumpet with them. The party was really eventful and funny.

During my work process,  the clients’ happiness is most important for me. I know the bride and groom need their space and their time to manifest themselves: so, using my professional right attitude, we could communicate with Alessio and Noemi during all days shooting. In my years of experience, I learned to anticipate bride and groom’s style, positions, whishes while capturing my photos and videos. I know how important is to stay out of side, being able to capture everything through the camera.

The party was really eventful, so I was very inspired to capture great shots full of life, energy and love. We did a great work together, dear Alessio and Noemi. Thank you for making Emanuele Mura Wedding Films participate to your amazing Wedding in Tuscany Italy and hope to see you with other occasions.