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The Wedding  is like a bridge towards the beginning of real life together for a couple and, as in life, every little detail must be considered and worked at the top. So, it  is no more seen as any celebration in any place, “just for …” (and thank goodness!), because it represents the spouses and their personality. It is not putting together a whole of things “that everyone does” when they unite their destinies forever: it is the art of studying and individualizing the wishes of the spouses, representing everything as they want to see and feel.

The first question that protrudes, besides the “when?”, Is “where?”. Where to find the perfect place, with a breathtaking view, food and drinks that satisfy any palate, guaranteed fun and necessary space combined with the timing of a fairytale wedding? The answer is the Destination Wedding in Tuscany!

We will not be talking about the fact that in recent decades Tuscany is at the top of the Destination Wedding ranking  not only for Italians, but also for foreigners. Undoubtedly, the spouses who choose the legendary Tuscany for their Destination Wedding, have very refined tastes and know exactly what they want for their wedding: only in Tuscany you may find really everything, as in paradise. All the provinces of the region offer fantastic locations for a personalized and unique wedding to celebrate: the bride and groom are spoiled for choice among castles, luxury hotels, villas, cottages, etc.

Destination Wedding is very important not only for the success of the event, but also for video and photo services, that represent an element inseparable from the wedding. The combination of Destination Wedding in Tuscany and Emanuele Mura Wedding Films is the perfect elixir for an event that will split originality, beauty and a lot of envy (yes, let’s face it!).

If instead the location chosen to celebrate the wedding in Tuscany is located in a province, but the desired place for the photo shoot is in another, no panic: Emanuele Mura Wedding Films will follow you in your flight of love to take unique moments through photo and video shooting that you will want to see again every day. Elopement in Tuscany is chosen by many couples, as we know: there are so many beautiful and unique places that it is often very difficult to choose only one of them for both celebration of the event and realization of the photo shoot.

With Emanuele Mura Wedding Films you will enjoy the show of  being the protagonists of your film, in an area of professionalism, cordiality, flexibility and understanding for an Elopement performed at the absolute superlative. Both Destination Wedding and Elopement are possible with Emanuele Mura Wedding Films, the only one who can shoot the moments that will give you the emotions of the first day in the years to follow.

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