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Sarah  /  Feliphe – Intimate Elopement in Tuscany

“How happy am I to be in love with you…”

The world is filled with beautiful people and beautiful places. Some stay hidden and some you find. In the case of Sara and Filippo, our beautiful protagonist couple, I was happy to see that they managed to find each other in this crazy world that we all live in and I was apart of their elopment in Tuscany. Not only did they find true love, a fact that was clear from the beginning about them, but they seemed to have found the perfect place as well for their intimate wedding in Italy.

Our story begins near Arezzo in Tuscany on a beautiful day in a beautiful place called Badia di Campoleone Ristorante & Relais. There are few words I can use to describe the beauty of this estate. There are even fewer words to describe the beauty that Sara and Filippo emanated throughout the day. There is something very unique about a beautiful moment. You will always find yourself going back to that same place and reliving it will be the gift that only a captured moment in a wedding video in Tuscany can offer.

Our day begins with the preparation of our bride and groom. The rooms were beautiful and the window was open letting the curtain move while the breeze blew making it seem like it was dancing in celebration of the beautiful destination wedding in our fair Italy. The bridal dress hung with ease from the chandelier waiting to be worn. Sara’s last finishing touches were added to her natural makeup. Sara chose a fresh look that brought out her eyes. They say the eyes are the key to the soul and this only made her emotions speak even louder. Her fiery red hair was loose and only held up on one side making her smile perfectly visible.

Filippo was adding the last finishing touches in his quarters as well. There is something elegant when a gentleman chooses to opt for the timeless, yet forever classic black and white attire for this elopement in Tuscany. Filippo wore a white crisp shirt with a black tuxedo. He made the most elegance choice when he added the classic vest. The tall, handsome groom was tying his bow tie as a finishing touch. The day was ready to begin for our fair couple and their wedding video in Tuscany.

Hand in hand running through the beautiful estate, our couple radiated with happiness. As they smiled and moved so gracefully you could see Sara’s vintage style bridal gown move with such beauty. The ruffled polka dot sleeves gave her the allure of a princess that was with her prince. A fairy tale for an intimate wedding. And they lived happily ever after.


Planning: Nadia Nardi

Location: Badia di Campoleone Ristorante & Relais

Photography: The White Box

Flowers: Fioristi Sassoli – La gardenia

JewelsGraziella Group

Bride DressEleoLab

Makeup & Air: Giulia Ceccherini