Wedding Videographer Tuscany – Giorgia / Valerio 2018-05-24T16:40:29+00:00

Giorgia  / Valerio

“…A man and a woman who love each other are one more reason for the world to hope that this world can become better. Giorgia and Valerio, together you could really be a power, be a sign of your love…” So, with this part of a very touching speech, the priest welcomed our bride and groom at the beginning of their life together. A beginning that they firmly have chosen to do together: hand in hand, sure of their love and so happy to make it visible through smiles and caresses. So I saw Giorgia and Valerio enter the church like this: hand in hand, deep sight, and tenderness that made dream everyone around.

My first couple of the year 2018 I worked with is a very solar one, full of enthusiasm and dreams to be realized. The most important dream of their life was to make their Wedding ceremony and celebration in Tuscany Italy. As location, they chose Hotel Regina Del Mare  (Livorno, Tuscany) and they invited Emanuele  Mura Wedding Films for their video shooting. Their Hotel sited by the sea and the wonderful time we had accompanied us in the realization of a wonderful shooting on the beach, rich of video memories.

For their unique wedding in Tuscany Italy, the bride and groom wants me as filmmaker. We have had a wonderful collaboration: from my part there have been no pressures or set-ups to obtain spitting effects, as I know how important it is not to be intrusive and let the newlyweds enjoy their  wedding. I must say that the naturalness and sincerity of the couple made him already spectacular in itself, without any added effect.

It is not true that it is enough to have a video camera in hand to transmit reality. The video-camera is like an empty painting: it takes the painter to have the opera. So, the camera is just the medium: the real director is behind, the unique one who has the talent and the expert eye to watch and discover the protagonists of the film. With a video camera in hand, you can transmit a  cold lifeless reality, without colors and sounds; but only an expert will be able to capture the emotions and the vibrations in every moment, and convey the emotions as they are experienced.

Giorgia and Valerio know this, that’s why for their Special Wedding in Tuscany they chose me, Emanuele Mura Wedding films: the guarantee without compromises. Thank you very much for making me participate in your beautiful wedding. It was very nice to collaborate together and I hope to see you again on other occasions.